ESC Caption Contest – Cycle 1, Photo 2

We had a great response to last week’s photo, so thank you to everyone who played along. We’ve got an all new photo for you to caption today, but first we need you to vote for your favourite Photo 1 caption.

ESC Caption Contest C1 P1

We’ll post the results and award some points next week.

Now, onto this week’s photo (here are the rules if this is your first time):

ESC Caption C1 P2

ESC Caption Contest C1 P2 – Photo by Morgan Jackson

Have fun!


6 comments on “ESC Caption Contest – Cycle 1, Photo 2

  1. I know it’s a little risky, but you’ve just got to trust me on this one.

  2. Just one example of why the Fly Community has had to ban Viagra

  3. I can’t believe Cirque de Soleil rejected our act!

  4. As he woke up the next morning, he realized he shouldn’t have had that last drink…

  5. Sure it’s nauseating, but you’ll thank me on the day gravity reverses.

  6. […] about a close vote! The votes from Photo 2 resulted in a tie for first and third places! That means Paul Manning and Colin each get 5 points, […]

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