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Physiology Fridays: Trace-metal phantoms

Living in metal-contaminated lakewater is just another day’s work for phantom midge larvae.  In the lakes surrounding Sudbury, Ontario and Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, over 75 years of smelter operations have left their mark by contaminating soil and water with the trace metals cadmium, nickel, copper, and zinc. This contamination led Maikel Rosabal, Landis Hare, and Peter Campbell, […]

Reader Photos – Jeffrey Higgins

Reader Photos – Jeffrey Higgins

Jeffrey Higgins has enjoyed the same 2 mile stretch of the Thames River in London, Ontario for ~50 years. He traded his fishing rod for a camera about 5 years ago to celebrates the natural world, and enjoys sharing his photos on his website and on Facebook. Jeffrey submitted the following photos and asked for suggestions about […]

Dear Buggy: Writing your first manuscript

Dear Buggy is the the alter-ego of Dr. Chris MacQuarrie, a research entomologist with the Canadian Forest Service. You can ask Buggy questions of your own on Twitter @CMacQuar. —————————- Hello all, Writing your first manuscript can be difficult. I remember spending a ridiculous amount of time preparing the first draft of my first paper. I […]

Why a scientific society needs a blog

Chris Buddle, Editor-in-Chief, The Canadian Entomologist ________________________________ I’ve been involved with the Entomological Society of Canada for a long time.  It’s a wonderful community of Canadian entomologists sharing an interest and enthusiasm for arthropods. The ESC’s activities are mostly centered around  its annual conference, its range of publications, and it offers a suite of awards […]

Meet the ESC Blog Admins (Part 2)

Time to meet another ESC Blog Admin, but first an update. The ESC Blog has been going strong all summer, and is quickly becoming established within the “Bug-o-Sphere”; sometime today we’ll hit a total of 5,000 visits from 85 different countries, just 2.5 months after launching! For comparison, that’s about half the number of athletes and the […]

Demystifying the publication process: A workshop brought to you by the Entomological Society of Canada

Chris Buddle, Editor-in-Chief, The Canadian Entomologist ______________________________________ These days, scientific societies are struggling to maintain membership.  This is, in part, because the value of membership is not always apparent.  The Entomological Society of Canada has recognized this issue for years, but I believe we are starting to enter a new, exciting era for ESC members.   […]

ESC Caption Contest – Cycle 1, Photo 3

ESC Caption Contest – Cycle 1, Photo 3

The votes are in, and the winning caption for photo 1 was “Think, think, what would a mantid do in this situation?” by Sam Droege! 5 points go to Sam, while Brian Cutting and Matt each get 3 for a 2nd place tie. Here are the finalists for Photo 2: And here’s Photo 3 (courtesy […]