ESC Caption Contest – Cycle 1, Photo 3

The votes are in, and the winning caption for photo 1 was “Think, think, what would a mantid do in this situation?” by Sam Droege! 5 points go to Sam, while Brian Cutting and Matt each get 3 for a 2nd place tie.

Here are the finalists for Photo 2:

ESC Caption C1 P2

ESC Caption Contest C1 P2 – Photo by Morgan Jackson

And here’s Photo 3 (courtesy of Sean McCann), just waiting for your best captions! (Rules)

Photo by Sean McCann


6 comments on “ESC Caption Contest – Cycle 1, Photo 3

  1. So then I said to Philanthus, I said: “Hey inquiline, you call that a sting? Looks like an ovipositer to me.” and the next thing I knew I was waking up and a piss ant dragging me back to its nest.

  2. I swear, that bee was HUGE!!! When I got thrown off and started falling to the ground, I was like “AAAHH!!”

  3. “Y…M…C….W! Wait, that’s not it”

  4. That’s the last time I let my friends talk me into doing Zumba. I’m as coordinated as a Phyllophaga!

  5. WOAH!! Ok very funny guys…a giant rubber spider, very cute. At least there’s no hidden camera right? Right??

  6. […] close vote for Photo 3 captions, but ultimately Brian Cutting took home top spot and 5 points, while Greg & Colin tied […]

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