ESC Caption Contest – Photo 4

Talk about a close vote! The votes from Photo 2 resulted in a tie for first and third places! That means Paul Manning and Colin each get 5 points, while Sam Droege and Greg each get a single point.

Here are the finalists for Photo 3:

Photo by Sean McCann

And here’s Photo 4, all quiet and lonely and in need of your caption! (Rules)


Photo by Lee Jaszlics


4 comments on “ESC Caption Contest – Photo 4

  1. I am too a redhead! See my freckles? If you don’t believe me, then you must have heard the expression about the ovipositor matching the pronotum…

  2. No Mr. Blue Jay, you don’t see me because I am …. com…pletely .. in…visi.. . . . .

  3. I dunno what Kermit was talking about…being green is awesome!!

  4. […] only 3 captions for Photo #4, everyone’s guaranteed points, but it’s up to you to decide who earns the top honours: […]

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