ESC Caption Contest – Photo 5

Another close vote for Photo 3 captions, but ultimately Brian Cutting took home top spot and 5 points, while Greg & Colin tied for 2nd and earned 3 points each. We’ll tally up the scores next time at the half-way point, and unveil the prizes, but there’s still plenty of time for you to join in!

With only 3 captions for Photo #4, everyone’s guaranteed points, but it’s up to you to decide who earns the top honours:

This week’s photo is a little different, but we’re sure you can dazzle us with your wit! (Rules)

Photo by Morgan Jackson


2 comments on “ESC Caption Contest – Photo 5

  1. Who let Betsy hold the map?? This is worse than the ‘Hollow Tree Fiasco’ of ’02!

  2. “…and in local news, dozens of vehicles were towed yesterday and drivers are calling foul. The group of pranksters that defaced (or rather bee-faced) parking signs was not apprehended. Police say they were probably highly organized.”

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