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Nearly 350 million years ago, insects evolved the ability to totally transform themselves, and proceeded to take over the planet in a way that no other group of organisms has since. These new holometabolous species had stumbled upon the process of complete metamorphosis, a complex physiological process that is controlled by hormonal regulation, connected to outside stimuli, and constrained by natural selection, and which provided them the opportunity to further divide and conquer ecological niches.

Today, insects with the ability to rearrange and reassign the majority of their cells into a new phenotypic expression are considered by many to represent a perfect allegory for rebirth, a new chance to make a difference, and an opportunity to take on the world in ways they couldn’t before. While we here at the ESC Blog aren’t immune to allusions of grandeur and promises of world-changing impact, for now we’ll happily settle for a metamorphosis that results in a new look and home on the newly redesigned Entomological Society of Canada website, while we continue to provide a platform for entomologists to share their passion, interests, and ideas in a public forum.

The ESC Blog debuted in June, 2012 here at its own, independent web address, primarily because the old ESC website was never set up to host a modern blog. Now that the ESC homepage has been redesigned and updated thanks to Jordan Bannerman and the ESC Web Content committee, it only makes sense for us to coalesce with the new site, allowing us to better integrate with all of the other endeavours and efforts associated with the Entomological Society of Canada, and provide our authors and community better access to the ESC membership.

But don’t worry internet, we’ll always be here for you! All of our previously published material has already made like a monarch and migrated over to our new digs at, and we have grand aspirations for bringing you more entomological stories, research, and perspectives now that ESC blogging has transitioned from awkward pupa to full adult. Right now we’re still figuring out what will become of this old site, but for the foreseeable future at least it will serve as a reminder of where we all started. If you’ve previously linked to a post on this blog, you may consider updating your links to the new site to prevent linkrot, but otherwise we invite you to visit us at our new habitat (and don’t forget to update your RSS reader with the new feed address).

As always, if you have an entomological story you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’re always looking for stories to share about insects, entomologists, and how they intersect with Canada, and will continue to provide a platform for these stories at the new home of the ESC Blog. See you on the other side!

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